Friday, January 7, 2011

of love and other demons

Of what good is love, she asked, if you don't care for, or give respect!

Of what good is it, he agreed, if you can't trust, or won't try to understand!

Their hearts still sang as one, as they always did,

and though the wind howled madly through the night, yet the dry earth remained parched.

The grass was a gift, I remember, now that it is Summer.


  1. In summer's heat the grass shrivelled -
    it all looked so brown, barren and dead
    But summer has to give way, rains will come
    I wait, patiently, for the rains to come.

    Lovely poem, Gopu!

    Don't you think both 'though' and 'yet' are unnecessary? One of them would do, wouldn't it?

  2. @Bala: Thanks for the input. Grammatically, I guess both the words are not necessary. But it pleases me this way: Seems to convey better my state of mind at that point. Don't ask me how, please!

  3. Your comment on my blog was wonderful: " when was the last time a stranger took the trouble to see you live your life?" because, in real life that seldom happens, but in blogging, virtually every day.

    "The grass was a gift..." so many we trample unknowingly.

  4. Rachel, Perhaps that's why we blog.
    Am trying to remember a sanskrit prayer they taught me long ago, asking the earth's forgiveness for trampling upon it (her) with one's foot: so much respect!

  5. 'If it's winter, can spring be far behind?':)

    Love the layers of meaning..though I am not sure if I have interpreted it right..

  6. Thank you, Destiny. Your signature photo, naked footsteps walking away on the beach, too is sheer poetry!

  7. Thanks! Will let my sister (the photographer) know :)

  8. Beautiful poem. The grass was a gift - Heavy and deep sentence. conveys a lot to me :)

  9. quite some time i came to your blog, doc. lovely poem.


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